Who helped you get here?

An actor's life is full of personal and professional struggles but we must remember to express gratitude to those who have helped make it a rewarding experience. Did you get a call back or book that job? Did casting give you a compliment? Did someone refer you to an agent? Acting is a people business and people like to be thanked. Every positive step – no matter how small – deserves gratitude. And if you don't show it your competition will.

Thanking the people who help you along the way builds relationships. Those relationships help further your career and enrich your life.

So stand out and express gratitude!

Saying "thank you" can be simple.

Send a thank you note. It is simple and means so much. Think of times you can do this. Send notes to your teachers, agents, managers, casting directors and directors who were there for you.

Susan Collins is a coach and founder of The Innovative Actor. 818.400.6818.