Is your office ready to be "on-the-go"?

In an ideal world you should have two office set-ups – one at home and another that you can set up if needed when you're on the go. We've discussed how to set up your home office. Now let's focus on your "office on the go" – what do you need and what should you think about.

What supplies should you have in your office on the go?
• Head Shots & Resumés
• Business Cards & Postcards
• Directions & GPS
• Makeup & Hair Products (brush/comb, accessories)
• Toothbrush & Extra Clothes
• Breath Mints, Snacks & Water
• Casting & Agent Numbers
• Calendar

What Kind Of City Do You Live In?
• If you live in LA, you need a car. So, in LA it is easy. You have an office set up in the back of your car.
• If you live in a city like NYC and your main transportation is subway, bus or cab, your office on the go needs to fit into a bag that you carry around with you.

Being a true professional is taking care of yourself and your business. Auditioning is stressful enough. You could have multiple auditions in one day needing to go from place to place. With your "office on the go," you can focus all of your energy on the audition itself. It will keep you ready and open for any opportunity that comes your way.  

Susan Collins is a coach and founder of The Innovative Actor. 818.400.6818.