Setting up your home office

Setting up your home office should be fun. Make it a space that you love, and one that makes you feel positive and productive. It is where your energy is going to start moving for your business. 

1) Put your goals up in the office so you can see them clearly every day so they can help keep you on track. 

2) Stock up on supplies to have at your fingertips:
• computer
• headshots
• resumé
• calendar
• pens/pencils
• postcards
• business cards
• thank you cards
• envelopes
• agency/manager books

3) Create a space in your office for self-taping audition material
A lot of audition organizers are now asking actors to self tape. Having the ability to do this in your house/apartment is a great idea if you have the space and equipment. It will also save you time and money and give you the power to get your audition out fast – one step ahead of your competition.

Equipment you will need: Camera, Lighting, Sound, Marks
Save time by having these items set up and ready to go whenever you need to self tape. You should always be ready to shoot!

4) Post your successes!
Make a list of your successes. This is to remind yourself of the great things that you are achieving. Enjoy your success list as it gets longer.

5) Think of your office as your sanctuary
This is your acting sanctuary – a fun and creative space where you come to move your career forward.

Susan Collins is a coach and founder of The Innovative Actor. 818.400.6818.