Help Make Your Dream A Reality

What is life’s purpose? According to popular speaker and bestselling author Mike Dooley, "It almost never lies behind the door marked, 'just be logical.' "

I just love that quote. I think it really resonates for actors or anyone wanting to go after their dream. No one has ever achieved the unachievable by being logical, practical or playing life safe.

Take a risk, listen to your gut, and go for it.

Knowing who you are and what you have to give in life is such a big key to being an actor. Stay focused with hard work toward your goal. Here are some useful steps:

1. Work hard
You can not just be an actor without any work involved. Working on your craft is a must at all times. Growing your tool built will only help you be open to booking more work.

Also having knowledge of how your business needs to be run. You are a CEO of you business and understanding how to get your hard work out into the world to be seen is vital important.

2. Step away and take a break
Set at least 2 days during the week to have play time and breath and learn to let go of the work you did that week. Letting go of the outcome of that work. After your days away pick back up where you left off with full focus and energy. Keeping your energy toward your goal flowing.

3. Build your support system
Keep positive people around you. Support in the hardest of times needs a solid team built around you. They will help keep you focus and positive.

4. Meditate on gratitude
First give gratitude for what you have, and then imagine your dream as if you already are living it. Being open to new things coming.

5. Create a vision board
Make a vision board. Cut out pictures of things you want to attract in your life. Words you want to hear, people you want to meet. Once it is done if you want you can keep it out in the open as a daily reminder. Or you can put it away and pull it on at the end of the year. Fun to see what parts started to move for you or came to you that year.

6. Change negative "self talk" to positive
Work on catching and changing negative self talk. If you catch yourself doing it try in moment to talk yourself out of it. You might feel a little crazy when dealing with this. It will take some practice. Change it to positive talk. Try and find if you can one thing in the moment that is good. Focus your energy there.

Ask yourself in that moment how has thinking anything negatively with my career or life serve me? Did it help? Did things move forward by me doing this?

Just putting that into thought might help change that thought. Negativity keeps you trapped where you are. In order for a dream to move forward your going to need to keep taking steps forward. You can not stay in the same place.

7. Understand you are amazing!
Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. You are wanted in this career. Your type and who you are is a gift to all that get to see it, if you have the courage to put it out there.

Try these things and walk with courage as you make your dream a reality.