Taking Head Shots

Before you take that picture, read this!

Two Keys To A Great Head Shot:
1. Make sure you know what you are selling. What is your brand? Brand is not just your physicality it is also what your subconscious brings into a room. You need both elements. Once you have your brand in mind, taking head shots can be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Each shot has a peruse just like what you want your acting to have when in a scene flowing with purpose.

2. No matter what, your head shot must look like who you are when you walk into a room. Casting directors called you in to audition for a specific character based on this image. If you don't really look like that shot you will blow your audition before you even get a chance to read.

Choosing A Photographer
When selecting a photographer make sure it is someone with whom you feel comfortable and who understands you and your brand. Also make sure they have a substantial portfolio behind them. Look to see if your brand can be represented in their work. Also understand that your pictures will be online next to many others in a row. Your shot needs to be clear, on point with your brand, and pop off the computer page.

Great Places to See Photographers
Often, good photographers are employed by companies that can also duplicate head shots for distribution. Some of the best are in NYC and LA. These companies advertise their photographers with galleries that will also help you see what is new and current in the head shot world. If you live outside of these cities you can review company websites to see what head shots are looking like in the main entertainment hubs.

Choosing Colors and Clothes
Knowing what colors make your coloring and features pop is important to know when taking head shots. Keep your clothing very simple with little or no pattern. The goal is for you to stand out, not your clothes.

What is your best color? There are three ways to find out: Ask people who know you well what they think makes you pop; think of times other people complemented you about colors you've worn; or ask a professional like Jill Kirshcolor. Sometimes stylists can also help you assess colors.

Be On the Same Page With Your Photographer
Knowing – and being in agreement with your photographer about – what kind of shots you are going after is a must to get you the shot you want. It will also create a more relaxing atmosphere for the shoot itself.

Spend the Money
What about hair and make up? You want to be relaxed at the shoot and feeling great. You don't need to be dealing with your own make up and hair on top of thinking of what you want to achieve with your pictures. Make sure your make up artist understands your goals and that your make up is appropriate, but not over the top. If you don't like it speak up! You are paying for what you want and the make up artist is a professional and will understand. They want you to feel your best.

Use Your Acting Skills
Make a list of shots you want with your brand in mind. If your brand has a word like "sassy" in it then think of someone who pulls that out in you. Put them at the lens of the camera and play. You can do this with any words that express your brand.

Have Fun And Play!
With the preparation done you can enjoy and have fun with this experience and get the shot that you so deserve.