Tell Your Self-Sabotage To Take A Hike!

How we handle our thoughts is what defines us.

for most of us, self-sabotage is an internal battle every day. Staying positive through the up’s and down’s of your thoughts and emotions can be challenging. Don’t let the old, “I am not good enough” take over.

As an actor, you will experience a lot of nerves and self doubt – particularly in auditions. The inner negative talk and fears appear when we are under pressure.

How do you deal with it, and get rid of it?
First of all remember that know you are in good company. Put on your tool belt and start to chip away at your inner fears. Learn how to tell it to step aside so you can do what you came to do.

How do you set it aside?
No one I know can completely get that negative voice out of their head. It is how you handle it that will define you. If the voice of pessimism comes your way, take a breath, and tell it to take a break. Tell it thanks for trying to join you, but you’r really busy. Tell the voice to go get a coffee, take a bike ride or do anything else except bother you.

As silly as this might sound, this is important because that pessimism is a form of self-sabotage that comes between you and moving your career forward. Don't let it into your thoughts!

Have the courage to let the world see your gifts and who you really are.