Your 60 Second Pitch

Have you ever gone on an agent meeting and run out of things to say? Or got so nervous that you forgot what you are all about? All you keep thinking in your mind is that you hope they sign you? if so, it's time to learn your pitch.

Casting, agents and managers see so many people. They are looking for a human connection with a person. Seeing who real you is will help them to make that connection. When you know who you are, and what you have to give to the world, this makes interviewing much easier to do.

Writing Your 60-second Pitch
Think about the fun and unique things that make you you within 60 seconds. Knowing this backwards and forwards will help become more natural and relaxed in a meeting. People will know your credits before they have decided they want to know you. What makes people want to be around you? What makes people want to watch you or get to know you? Make those qualities part of what you project. Be relaxed and true to who you are. Keep your goals in your pocket. Try to make a connection and show them who and what you are about. It can calm your nerves and help you tell the story of who you really are.

Start your 60 seconds right now!