Case Study: Ed Lands A Great Gig

Sometimes learning to shine begins with an inventory of what makes you unique.

Ed had done a lot of improv in Chicago, but he did not know how to create a brand around his unique talents, and it stopped him from advancing in his acting career. Coaching him by Skype and telephone, I discovered that Ed is humorous, sassy, quirky, and likable. We developed Ed’s profile and package around his authentic talents. He then interviewed with four top Chicago theatrical agencies and landed his first agent. Ed had producer callbacks for one of NBC's top primetime shows and booked his first commercial – all within six months. And we just heard that he's booked his first NBC Primetime show – Chicago Med!

Ed Gass' credits include:

Chicago Med (NBC Primetime)
– Member of pH Productions Improv & Sketch Group
– 5-Hour Energy – Socket Suckers (Onion Labs)
– Shuttlecock Improv (iO Chicago)

Ed Gass /  Susan Collins is an acting coach and founder of The Innovative Actor. 818.400.6818.